category: brand identity program
deliverables: brand manual
concept: Rebrand a high-end restaurant beginning with the identity and applying that concept to selected brand touch points. In addition to the rebrand of the restaurant, we designed a brand manual to specify, publish, and fabricate the elements of our new brand identity systems. 
Willmott’s Ghost was named after a famous botanist and despite the greenery around the building, there was no real tie to the culture or the restaurant’s voice. The restaurant focuses on the flavors of Rome and Italy in a modern and upscale fashion while the food is hearty Italian that would be served in a home-style kitchen. This juxtaposition was what I chose to base the rebrand after: sleek and upscale, yet warm and traditional at heart. What was once Willmott’s Ghost became Roots, a Seattle Grown Trattoria. 
The word ‘grown’ is in one part an ode to the botanist Ellen Willmott, who was the inspiration for the original restaurant name.  "Grown" in the tagline also communicates that Roots is modern in appearance yet still retain their traditional culture in their mission. This traditional aspect is also communicated through the word ‘trattoria’ in the tagline which traditionally means a welcoming, home-style Italian restaurant. The modern and luxurious qualities were communicated through the use of typography, and geometric figures in the logo design that took inspiration from elements within the restaurant like light fixtures, wall detailing, pillars, and furniture. Lastly, the coloring for the brand identity was inspired by the restaurant itself.
Following are a few select spreads from the Root's Restaurant Brand Manual created for the rebrand showing the newly developed brand identity program. You can view the whole brand manual by clicking the button below.
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