category: layout + typography
deliverables: poster
concept: Promote the West of Modernism exhibition using dynamic type, image and message in an engaging way. The featured exhibit celebrates California Graphic Design throughout the late 20th Century. • Working in the spirit of these designers, I created typographic and image explorations to create multiple iterations that eventually became the poster. From start to finish, each phase dealt with differing versions of scale, weight, and spacing of the typography. For each poster we used design principles with type (use paragraph and character styles), image, and a modular grid to arrange all elements. 
For my poster, I photographed the most successful typographical studies and used them as bitmap tiffs to celebrate the grunge style of graphic design in the late 1980s–90s. When photographing the compositions in order to give depth and texture similar, each printed composition was crumpled and distorted similar to the time period's design. I displayed the message in a textured style in order to retain coherency throughout the piece. I used a distorted image of a vintage comic book to communicate the influence of American and more specifically, California culture in the 1970s–90s.
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